New Puppy Videos

Here are the links to a couple videos I took recently. I am having so much fun with YouTube.

Puppies in the Cat House

Playtime in the x-pen:

Maxi (9 months old) Playing with Meora in the Snow

I don’t know which is more fun, taking the videos, watching the dogs, adding the music or sharing!

Time Usually Flies But….

…this is ridiculous. The puppies are already 4 1/2 weeks old! That’s what holidays full of family, friends and Havanese will do to you!  They are growing…no surprise there. And this is the stage where their little personalities begin to surface. We have Rudolph, the independent one. Then there’s Dancer, who I thought was a cry baby until I realized he was just bored…probably the brightest one in the bunch the way he explores new toys. Angel is a little on the quiet side…so far, that is. And, Chilli is a rolly-poly  love muffin!


Anyway this begins a difficult weak as I wean the puppies from their mother. They have been eating canned puppy food and goat’s milk for about ten days now but neither they nor their mother want to give up the nursing. I had to take Phoebe to be with me last night because she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning keening for her babies. A few more days and this will pass and they can romp and play together until they drop from exhaustion.

Just a few photos to update you.

Havanese Pups Getting So-o-o-o-o Big

Because Phoebe had six puppies instead of eight, they are all much larger and stronger. Already they are sleeping for long periods…twenty minutes or so…between nursing. The smallest puppy in the litter was bigger than the largest one in the last.

I am calling them my Happy Holidays Litter and will select names along this theme. So far I like Carney’s Bells are Jingling, Carney’s Jolly Holly and Carney’s Joy to the World. If you have any suggestions let me know.