Happy Meal

Sparky LOVED the mush

I started Maxi’s pups on mush yesterday. Puppy kibble soaked in water, then mushed up and mixed with goat’s milk for a very creamy consistency…more milk right now than mush…warmed up to about 95 degrees F. Yummy!

Actually, so did Blaze

It is interesting to observe the logistics in all this. Of course the puppies have no clue what this bowl set in their midst might contain. I am sure they can detect the milk but it is not their mother’s milk nor is it our vet’s formula that some have been fed. With a gentle nudge of muzzles to mush they slowly get it. Why? Because it tastes good.

Still there are problems as there are with any new experience. They have to learn to keep their noses clear of the substance or they sneeze. They have to learn to balance themselves or their front end drops into the dish of mush. They have to learn to lap at the food instead of sucking it. And they have to learn to keep their feet clear of the mushy stuff because it feels funny. At least it did to some of them. A couple had no problem diving right in and remaining there.

It took Boomer a few minutes to get the program

And Georgie just wanted to play

Today Maxi’s pups got their second nail trim. This time I did front and back toes for a total of 64. It took a while. I also spent a few moments gently laying each puppy on my lap…on its back. This is a very strange sensation and one of complete submission which some pups (and adult dogs) have difficulty with. This exercise teaches them trust. It also teaches them to better handle stress.

In time they will have other exercises as well. The U.S. Military was actually instrumental in developing these “Early Neurological Stimulation” exercises to improve the dogs’ performance for military purposes. Of course, some puppies can handle this stress better than others and it is important to appreciate the difference so as to not “freak out” the puppy. With tiny, gentle stimulations they will become better adjusted pets…each at its own pace.

But ten minutes in…they were all interested and chowing down

Then there was the ceremonial cleansing of feet
And, here is Phoebe with her babies…all growing nicely

I’ll talk about the four other kinds of stimulation later.


  1. It better still be fun because you are sure in it with both feet this time! When you have a moment (hehe) would you name the guys around the chow down food bowl picture? I am trying to get id's in my head as to who is who. Thanks

  2. This is so precious! In the group shot around the bowl I can almost imagine what they would say if they could talk. Jefferson might say cautiously, "Yeah, you go first Sparky." and the little guy next to Sparky might excitedly say, "Come on Spark, tell us..what's it like? Is it warm? Should I try it?!" As for Sparky, I don't think he would say anything..he's too busy munching! 😉

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