So Many Puppies–So Little Time

My days are filled with changing towels, changing newsprint (I use the clean newsprint that U-Haul sells as packing paper), feeding and bathing the grown-ups. I LOVE IT!

Daughter Jenny nursing one of our preemies

All the puppies are growing by leaps and bounds. I am still bottle feeding Maxi’s two little ones and Phoebe’s two smallest ones though they are not nearly the size of Maxi’s preemies. It just gives them an edge since they often lose out to the bigger pups at the teats.

Don’t you wonder what is going through his little mind?

Two of Maxi’s pups eyes have opened partially. They are the largest pup with the full white blaze and the littlest pup with the forked blaze. The rest should be open in the next day or so. Generally their ears open about the same time so the sensory input for these little guys is huge this week.

Maxi has pretty much got the hang of this part now.

Today was manicure day for Maxi’s pups. They are two weeks old now (can you believe it?) and by gently handling their paws and getting them used to the clip-clip-clip…this process will be much less traumatic for them as adults. I use a human baby nail scissors at this stage. Their nails are tiny and they are also very sharp so I know Maxi will be very grateful!

Just think. Next week I get to trim 64 paws! I better keep the whole morning open.

Phoebe’s pups at five days old…so much stronger than Maxi’s thanks to their later arrival.

How sweet are these babies?


  1. Teresa you are too funny! I am trying not to think in terms of which one we will bring home yet — just enjoying their journey and glad Jacqui is sharing it with us 🙂 I am certain you could take two!

  2. 🙂 You say that now! Let's check your sanity in a few weeks. Thank you for all the pictures and I look forward to seeing Phoebe's one week shots later in the weekend.

    What a fun group shot.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi I had some questions I recently bought a puppy owner lied saying it was older then it actually is .. I believe she is around 2 weeks haven't quite opened her eyes yet buy I'm having trouble with feeding I bought puppy bottle which u have to put holes in the nipple but can't seem to get the right size hole then I bought a baby bottle but the whole seems to be to big … what did u use or if u have any helpful advice I would greatly aprreciate it.

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