Tango and Tiger’s Puppies Have Arrived!

Tango whelped 5 beautiful puppies last night. We have 2 girls and 3 boys. My boy Tiger, now loved and owned  by my friend Pat Crane, is the sire. All are doing well and, as you can see, Tango is a very proud Mama!!


The cream (6 o’clock) and the red sable (1 o’clock) are the girls. The three sable/white pups are boys.
















This is Tiger the day he got his Championship with his handler, Darius McPhall. He comes from a long line of champions on both his sire’s and his dam’s sides.

This is Tango with her handler, Christy Collins, the day she won her championship. Tango went on to win her Grand Championship just 6 weeks later!











  1. Jenny Wellschlager

    I live in Vero Beach. And in Annapolis Maryland.

    We just lost our last of 3 terriers in Aug.22, 2920.

    I see puppies were born on the same day.

    Do you have any available? Our next dog must be small enough to fly… and sweet and trainable and good with our grandchikdren( most of them 11 and older except for our 5 and 2 year old.
    We Don’t care about the gender.
    Please tell me more.

    Thank you

    • Good morning Jenny,

      Thank you for your interest in one of my Havanese. And thank you for taking the time to research quality breeders that go to the time and expense to provide wonderful, healthy, well-socialized and balanced puppies.

      Right now I have 21 deposits so it looks like I won’t have any puppy or adult availability for 9 months to a year. A lot of this is due to the pandemic. It seems everyone wants someone to hug! And if I knew of any fellow quality breeders who were in a better situation I would pass along their contact information. But the situation is nationwide.
      So we may not have the availability of backyard or puppy mill breeders, but I do believe our puppies are worth the wait!

      If you can wait, and would like to get on my list, please fill out the questionnaire on my website at https://carneyshaven.com/forms/questionnaire

      Thanks so much and be well,

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