Time Flies Faster

…when the puppies are on their own. Phoebe has been a great mother but I have been working diligently at weaning the puppies. They enjoy their Wellness Puppy Kibble now, soaked overnight in water and served up with some goat’s milk. MMmmmmmm.

This also means Phoebe is finished with clean up so my workload has significantly increased. If I could get right to it rather than playing with them each time I lean over their pen I could get back to my day job. Wait! This IS my day job. Love it!

 Finally got some photos. They weren’t what I’d hoped for but I will try again next Friday and work with them on their ‘stand’ command which right now goes in one ear and out the other! Enjoy.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee’s Profile


Filer’s Profile–
He has more color on his other side.


GoGo’s Profile


Katie’s Profile
A very sweet girl.


Maxie’s profile


Gotta love his attitude!
He was really into this photo thing.


Sammy’s Profile
He was so not into standing!


Turbo is the big boy–but very polite!

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