Update on Boomer

For those who may not remember, Boomer was one of the two puppies I had to bottle feed because he was so small. Not so anymore!!! Here is a report and photos from his new family.

Hi Jacqui!
I wanted to give you a little update on Jackson (aka Boomer)! He is doing GREAT!  We can’t believe we got so lucky to have such a good little puppy!
He is growing so much and at his last Vet visit weighed in at about 4.5 lbs!  He has completely adjusted to the routine at our house and has even learned a few little tricks!
His latest is ringing the bell at the back door everytime he needs to take a potty break outside (Yea! No more accidents in the house!) Right off the bat we were able to teach him to fetch (his favorite game to play) and last week he learned to “sit” and “shake” on command!  He can follow with the leash and is learning to stay in the yard… Such a smart boy!
Our favorite time with him is after Logan goes to bed and he gets some quiet couch time with Joel and I and lot’s of extra snuggles…. 
He’s so sweet and loves to play… doesn’t chew on much (other than his toys) and is definitely my little shadow during the day when it’s just him and I. Everyone who meets him is smitten and I’ve passed out your website/blog to a few people like us who may be looking for a puppy in the future!
 We are so happy with him!
Hope everything is going well,
Enjoy the pictures!


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