The Results Are In!

My friend Linda assisted me in assessing the temperaments/ personalities of Marli’s puppies and they are closer in most respects than I thought. All three have socialized nicely. It helps to have them exposed to lots of dogs at various ages as well as lots of different people and children.

Dillon went first. Over the past several weeks she has gone from being the “leader of the pack” to one that kind of held back and now to a wonderfully adjusted, yet lower keyed, than the other two.

She scored three 2’s, three 3’s and a 4 on the sound sensitivity. In other words, she is a confident and outgoing puppy that will respond well to human companionship but might require a more consistent hand in training.

Delilah was next. She scored four 3’s and three 4’s, making her slightly more social but not enough to make much of a difference. She also has displayed a more outgoing character than Dillon, but again, not anything close to what I would call wild.

Daffodil was kind of all over the map, scoring two 3’s, two 4’s, a 2 for Following, a 6 for Dominance, and a 1 for Sight Sensitivity. Of the three she is definitely the most energetic and outgoing. So, while she will make a fine pet she might not be the snuggle bug some are looking for.

So, none of the pups display overly excited behaviors. They play well and seem to take turns being “boss.”

If you’d like to read more about the Volhard Test, go to the February 19, 2014 posts.

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Playing with the adult Havanese and Alex…So Much fun

I had my family here all last week which is my excuse for not posting! LOL
Anyway, it certainly did not mean the pups were being ignored. Alex and Michael played with them every day. Here are some shots of Alex, Marli’s pups and all the other dogs playing in the yard. Enjoy!

 Also, please forgive me for adding a few of our newest boy…Potter. Isn’t he special!

Havanese Puppies One Week Old

Marli’s three little girls are one week old today. She has been a great mom. Very relaxed and attentive. She has no issues with the other dogs being in the bedroom where she and the puppies are. Maxi and Phoebe had fits when the other dogs came around! Hard to get good photos of these little guys because they are so dark. But I do see some tan coming through on their feet, chests and cheeks. They are going to be gorgeous!

Meet Little Havanese Puppy Ziggy

Ziggy is the last of our eight puppy’s from our New Year’s Eve litter. He is just 8 weeks old, has his first shots, has a stellar report from my vet and is a very cuddly puppy. Here are some photos of Ziggy.You can see the results of our Volhard Personality Assessment on an earlier post.

Volhard Personality Testing Results

Yesterday my daughter helped me conduct our Puppy Personality Assessments. You need someone the puppies do not know in order to get an accurate read. If you are interested in the test itself, how it is conducted and what the results mean, you can find it in this blog at:

Each puppy is tested separately. The only difference this time is that I eliminated a few tests. The ones we performed were for:
1. Sociability
2. Following
3. Acceptance of Restraint
4. Acceptance of Dominance
5. Elevation Test
6. Sound Sensitivity
7. Sight Sensitivity

I should also mention that this test was originally created to test dogs for the military. The Leader Dogs people also use a version of it to select their puppies. Much of the results do not apply to Havanese. For instance, some of the possible reactions by the puppies are biting, growling, etc. Havanese just don’t have these reactions in their make-up! They are lovers….not fighters!
Still, we glean some insight into each puppy when we conduct the test. So here we golWe did seven tests this time.
#1-Social Attraction
#5-Elevation Test
#6-Sound Sensitivity
#7-Sight Sensitivity

 I skipped one test this time around because it pretty much overlapped with the #4 Dominance testing.

Zazu scored mostly 3’s on his testing. Exceptions were #4 where he scored a 4.5. So, he is a confident puppy that likes to interact with people and has no really dominance issues.

Ziggy scored in the mid-range for the first four tests and 6’s and a 5 on the last three. Like Zazu, he was relaxed, not stiff, for the Elevation Test. And he was pretty much disinterested in the keys tossed on the floor. He is a very social puppy and pretty calm.

Zola was a little more hesitant to come to and follow my daughter when called. But still she had her tail up, so she was happy about it. She did not like to be on her back in Test 3 but the other dominance tests did not bother her at all. She scored 5 on Sound and Sight Sensitivity. Basically she is a little more on the timid side but will likely grow out of this as she matures.

Zoey scored more on the high side of the numbers. She didn’t come to Julie when called…was more interested in exploring her surroundings. Her tail was up for both tests 1 and 2.  She squirmed a bit in test #3 and #4 but then settled down so she is not terribly dominant. She had no interest in the keys…the noise did not startle her either. But she did explore the towel Julie dragged in front of her for test #7. Zoey is quite curious, loves to play and will likely be a better puppy for an adult.

Zia is a little more on the independent side. She did come to Julie readily with her tail up. However she did not like to be restrained at all…basically struggling through the next three tests. She ignored the tossed keys and, like Zoey, was curious about the towel in test #7. Zia is very social but will need more consistency in her training.

Zenia got very excited when she saw Julie. She scored a 1 and a 2 for the Social testing. Like Zia, she did not like to be petted in a restrained mode, however. She did not like being on her back or elevated at first; but did settle down after a few seconds. And she was very curious about both the tossed keys and the dragged towel and readily investigated both of them. Zenia appears to be very social, confident and willing to please.

Zhubin is pretty much a carbon copy of Zenia. An overall wonderful boy that is just a bit more outgoing and vocal.

Zusa is one of those puppies that doesn’t test like my observations of her. For instance, she was not very interested in Julie at all. And, like many of the others, did not like to be restrained. The tossed keys did not bother her but she was a little frightened by the towel. What I have observed about Zusa, though, is that she is a real lap buddy despite her apparent moderate confidence levels. She will make a wonderful companion for someone who does not need her to engage with a lot of other people. Not that she won’t engage. It’s just that she’s likely to prefer being with her family.

I’ve studied all these puppies very carefully. Especially when families came to visit…and we had a LOT of families come visit. They are all very responsive to people…no surprise there, they are Havanese!! Some are a little slower to engage…Ziggy for one, and Zusa. But those two are really lap buddies when picked up and respond very well to petting and stroking. None of the pups are at the far ends of Social, Dominance or Sensitivities.

I hope these assessments help. I find the process very interesting and, for the most part, accurate.