Fern’s Puppies Growing So Fast!

Fern and Marco’s puppies are growing fast. Sadly, one of them did not survive his first week. Unable to nurse, I tried to bottle feed him but something was wrong because he kept losing weight. Broke heart. This is the hardest part of dog breeding. Fortunately it doesn’t happen too often. And it is a birth defect that is not going to affect the other two puppies.

As you can see, they are very healthy and gaining tremendously! I can’t believe they are almost 2 weeks old. Eyes should be opening any day now. I guess it’s time to give them names!

Fern boy is on the right and the girl is on the left

Puppy Love!

Puppies are Here!

Fern and Tango both delivered their puppies one day apart so it’s been a very busy time!

Moms and puppies are all healthy, eating well and happy!

Fern delivered three puppies, all brown and white. One girl and two boys. Sire is Marco, AKC GCH Prairiwinds N Lordocs Marco Island

Tango delivered four puppies. The firstborn is a boy…all white, just like grandma Lily. The other three are girls and are mostly dark brown with white markings. Sire is our Tiger, AKC CH A Tiger’s in Carneys Garden, Oh My! One of the three girls is very small so she is nursing off Fern who seems to have more milk.

This is Papa Marco with his professional handler.


This is Tiger, sire of Tango’s litter







This is Fern with her puppies.








And this is Tango with her babies. The all white boy is on the left of photo 2.








It’s been a little crazy around here but I promise I’ll get individual photos up in the next few days.

Fern and Marco Have Been Bred

I am so excited about this breeding. Marco (GCH Prairiwinds N Lordocs Marco Island) and Fern (CH Carneys What Grows Wild Along the River) are expecting puppies the end of February! Their colors are both gold sable parti so I’m thinking we’ll have much of the same with this litter. Fern is small and Marco is just a shade larger.

Fern winning her championship at the Detroit Dog Show last June with my first owner-handled Best of Breed win!!

Send me an email if you are interested in more information about these kids.

This is Marco with his professional handler