Meet Our Disney Characters! These are Tango and Woody’s Pups

This is Kristoff. You can see his eyes are beginning to open. Born fourht, he is all white but has a significant amount of pale red emerging. He weighs 380 grams.

This is TinkerBell. She was born first and is a little spitfire! She is mostly red with white on her paws and a little white blaze on her face. She weighs 399 grams.

Tango’s puppies, top to bottom…Tiana,Olaf,TinkerBell,Kristoff and Eric. I love their plump little bellies. Tango is a great Mom.


I am calling this little girl Tiana. Again she is mostly red with more white on her face and paws than TinkerBell. She also has a bit of a black mask. Tiana was born second and, at 414 grams, is currently the biggest pup. That is likely to change.

This is Eric, our little red boy. He has beautiful black markings on his face and tail as well as a nice white blaze and white on his paws. He weighs 398 grams and was third born.

Last but certainly not least is Naveen from the Disney movie Princess and the Pea. He is a beautiful red parti with some black on his face. (Nice for concealing tear stains!) He has a lot of white on his legs and a beautiful white blaze. Naveen weighs 380 grams and was the fourth born.

Back to Eric just to show you how his little peepers are beginning to open as well. Won’t be long now before a whole new world opens to them!

Tango’s puppies are two weeks old today! Since besides its beautiful beaches Florida is known for Disney World, I decided on Disney characters for their names.


Meri’s Pups are 5 1/2 weeks old….

…..and they are having so much fun! This past week I put them together with my two 8 week old puppies, Lyric and Peto. After a day of full supervision and seeing how gentle the older ones were, I knew it would be a permanent arrangement!


So here are some individual pix of Meri’s pups. Because my 3 year old grandson is infatuated with Sesame Street, guess where the names came from!


This is Zoe.






Two Weeks Old and Growing!!

Meri and Striker’s pups are 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are just beginning to open. When they were born, they found their mother by their keen senses of smell and touch. They will soon see…albeit very foggily. Their hearing will begin to develop in a week or so. Every day there are changes!!



Meri Has Her Puppies!

Meri delivered 4 beautiful puppies on Thursday. Striker is the sire…a very handsome boy indeed.

Here are pix of Mom and Dad.

This is Meri. Our pretty girl is a Grand Champion. She turned 2 last August and this is litter. That’s me on lead.

And here are the puppies.









And this is Striker. Isn’t he handsome. Striker is a bronze Grand Champion….all owner handled by my friend Karen Warnacke.


We have two boys and two girls. They are almost all white with pretty sable markings around their heads.






Mother and babies are doing well! But Meri did have a difficult time with this delivery so she had to have a c-section. I made the decision to have her spayed because, while she didn’t need a c-section for her first litter, it was a very prolonged labor. I didn’t want to put her thru that again.

All puppies are spoken for.





Some Individual Photos of our Country Legends.

The puppies are 3 days old and gaining well. Their numbers are their birth order. Names to follow soon. We are calling them our Country Legends Litter.


Puppy #5, Hank (Williams),  is a boy. He is also a dark sable parti.

Puppy #1, AKA Patsy (Cline),  is a red sable girl.

Puppy #3, AKA Tammy (Wynette), is a girl. She was born very white but we are seeing some patches of cream working their way in.

Puppy #4, Jimmie (Rogers), is a dark sable with lots of white. Also called a sable parti.

Puppy #2, Johnny (Cash), is a dark sable pied which means he has more color than white. He is a boy.