Havanese Puppy Update: Blaze

Blaze was our littlest puppy of all sixteen but don’t tell him that because he won’t believe you. Big things do come in small packages. He has a heart as big as a forest and a personality to match.

He is now living just around the corner from me with a family of two adults and their three children. I am so glad we found such a good home for this little trooper…and that I will (hopefully) see him from time to time.

Here’s what his family has to say about Blaze, now renamed Flash for the current super hero!

Hi Jacqui
Just wanted to let you know that we are having a blast with our Flash! He has a spectacular (and very feisty) personality and is so loving and affectionate. He already knows to ring the bells to get outside and he’s doing very well with his potty training. We just love him!! Thank you is much for giving him such a great start!! He is very happy and very very loved!!

PS I will send a few more photos for you!!

And I forgot to tell you that he weighed 3.2 pounds at the vet on 9-7. He’s really growing!

Note: If you are new to my blog you may not know that this little guy weighed 2.8 ounces when he was born! I tube fed then bottle fed him for three weeks. Now he’s making up his slow start which really warms my heart. Can’t wait to hear how big he is in a year.

Havanese Puppy Update: Dew

Dew left for her forever home on September 10. She had a very long trip as her (formerly Michigan) family was driving to their home in Jupiter Florida! As you will read below, she fared quite well on the journey. Here’s what her family says about Dew along with some of their photos.


We returned to Jupiter on Friday evening about 8.  She did great!  The puppy pads worked great in the hotel and car.  We have named her “Maizie” – Bob attended the University of Michigan and we thought since she was Michigan it would fit.  She knows her name as you can imagine.  She’s very smart and you were right about wanting to get her way.  I have attached a few pictures.  Bob is really involved in the training.  Lots of fun!

Thanks again!

Beth . . . and Bob

Her space in Bob’s office.  We move the bed to our room at night.  She’s sleeping until 5:30.  We have a bell on the front door and will begin that training soon.

Walking with Bob on our road trip home.  She loves to walk.  I have figured out the harness and we walk down the street in the morning.

She rode in the carrier most of the way and slept in it at the hotel.

In the hotel.

I’ll send more as she grows.