Good Morning Havanese Puppies!

I love waking up these days!

I love watching the puppies even more…especially after they have eaten, the pen is clean and they start their day of play.

Tossing and rolling

They love these plastic rings. Now that they are bigger, I can hang them in their pen.

They have been using the litter pans for almost two weeks now.

The water station

Play, play, play

Now We Have Names

Our little Havanese puppies have gone long enough as numbers. Now that they have begun to show their little personalities I have pegged them with names that may, or may not, hold true for these personalities down the road. This is not to say I expect their families to keep these names, mind you!

As for the theme of this litter, I tried to work New Year’s Eve into it and the best I could come up with is another alphabet theme…”Z” for the last letter of the alphabet…as in the last day of the year!

Zazu-(formerly Puppy Boy 1)  is a character from The Lion King. It means dignified.


Ziggy (formerly Puppy boy 2) because he is so sweet.


Zola (formerly Puppy Girl 3) means tranquil.
Zoey (formerly Puppy Girl 4) means life. She is full of it!

Zia (formerly Puppy Girl 5) means light. I chose it for her almost all white coloring.
Zenia (formerly Puppy Girl 7 means flower.
Zhubin (formerly Puppy Boy 8) means swift. He is!
Zusa (formerly Puppy Girl 9) means beautiful!

Our Havanese Puppies are Five Weeks Old

Our puppies had their first taste of Florida sunshine yesterday. It has been a cold winter, even down here, so they haven’t been outside until now. Enjoy their romps on this video.

Also, I came to the shocking realization yesterday that my individual photos are a little off! Puppy boy 1 and 2 were the same puppy!!! I’m really seeing a lot of black and white and it is beginning to affect my brain. That’s my excuse anyway.

So, I corrected the photos of Puppy #2.

And, I weighed the puppies just to see how they compare and here are the results:

Puppy boy #1: 1# 14 oz.
Puppy boy #2: 1# 14 oz. (this is not a mistake. I checked it three times! LOL)
Puppy girl #3: 1# 10 oz.
Puppy girl #4: 2# 2 oz.
Puppy girl #5: 1# 15oz.
Puppy girl #7: 1# 15 oz.
Puppy boy #8: 2# 4 oz.
Puppy girl #9: 2# 8 oz.

Other new happenings:

Puppies still sleep a lot. It does not appear that there is any stress here at all!

They look like spokes of a wheel when they eat. This is kibble soaked in water overnight. They love it!

More sleeping!

Taking a taste of Mama’s food.


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Havanese Boy Puppy #1

I want to apologize for being remiss in my posts. We had a bit of a tragedy here last Saturday that has taken up a considerable amount of my time. Once the puppies’ eyes opened and they began moving around I noticed the chocolate boy puppy demonstrating some unusual behavior. I had always bottle fed him as he was unable to nurse sufficiently to gain weight; though the bottle proved not to be a problem and he did gain weight nicely. However, after a few days of observing his unusual behavior and spending extra time trying to help him to no avail,  I took him to my vet who immediately determined the pup had suffered a stroke either in the womb or during the trauma of birth.  He strongly recommended I put him down as he had permanent brain damage. Of course I was crushed but knew it was the humane thing to do.

Anyway we are back on track and the other eight puppies are doing great! I thought I’d devote a separate post to each puppy….mainly because I have a hard time keeping them straight myself.

So here is puppy #1, a little boy. Keep going back in the posts to see the other seven!

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