Meet the Parents

With the arrival of our latest litter of Havanese puppies I thought I should post some photos of our next Mom and Dad. They are expecting February 25. Our Marli is the sable and cream and Ruger is all black. We’ll have some wonderful color combinations including black and tan which excites me because we … [Read more…]

We Have Havanese Puppies!

Our pretty girl, Maxi, whelped nine puppies New Years Eve! I knew things were beginning to happen when she would not leave her whelping box. She started labor about 3 pm that day…a mild restlessness and urge to nest and by 5 pm she started contractions. The first puppy, a boy, arrived at 5:45 PM … [Read more…]

Havanese Puppies Coming!

I bred my Havanese girl, Maxi, to my friend Denise’s boy, Dino. He is a wonderful little guy and I am sure they will have some beautiful Havanese puppies with very “bouncy” personalities. Maxi is a real snuggle bug and my kitchen shadow.  We will probably see mostly black and white puppies as both parents … [Read more…]

Volhard Puppy Personality/Aptitude Testing

Yesterday my friend/dog-sitter extraordinaire came over the help me conduct our Puppy Personality Assessments. You need someone the puppies do not know in order to get an accurate read. If you are interested in the test itself, how it is conducted and what the results mean, you can find it in this blog at: … [Read more…]

First Day for Mush and Pedicures

Here they are. You can’t even see their dish. It does, however, give a great view of their coloring. So, from 1 o’clock and going around the clock, we have: Arthur, Ariel, Abby, Aloha, Alfi, Albert, Annie and Alvin. Puppies had their first non-Maxi meal today. I waited a week longer than I usually do … [Read more…]