The Milk Machine

Puppies are holding their own weight-wise. They are amazingly active and well developed.
Phoebe is beginning to relax just a little–lying down now to nurse.  A few of the puppies seem to need some supplementing. We started bottle feeding them for this. Then my daughter Jenny had this great idea to turn Phoebe into a ‘mlk machine’ while the bigger puppies were sleeping. Worked like a charm!

Just to give you all an idea of how tiny these puppies are, here are a couple in Jen Brown’s palms. She has this magical touch. As soon as they were in her palms they fell asleep!

Busy Friday

Puppies are moving around a little more–squirming might be a better word. Some sleep while others eat which has to be a good thing for Phoebe.  She went outside a few times today–weather is nearly a record high.  And, she got her first bath since the big day.  Looks much better for it!

Here is today’s photo.

We Have Puppies!

Phoebe (Roughrider Winnett) delivered eight beautiful, healthy puppies between 8:30 last night and 1:30 this morning–her actual due date.

All it takes is another litter to remember why I do this. What an exhilarating experience.

Handsome and proud father is, of course, Los Perritos An Heir About Him. You can see his picture on my earlier blog post.  His owner, Charlene Edwards, calls him Prince–which he is!
Like Prince, three of the puppies appear to be Sable and White (2 girls and 1 boy). The other five are Black and White (2 boys and 3 girls). Their weights range from 5 5/8  to 6 7/8 oz.

To see more about the sire and the dam and their pedigrees, please link to my website,

Phoebe was a very attentive and alert mom through the entire process–more concerned with how to take care of everyone–the newborns and the one ‘in the chute’–than her own discomfort.

More photos before I tend to the new Mama.

From Birmingham MI to Naples FL–A Match Meant To Be

It was with no small amount of luck that I met Charlene Edwards of CSTA Havanese the beginning of February–with Phoebe three days into her heat cycle. Knowing this would likely happen when I was wintering in Florida (but not quite so soon after I arrived) I had arranged to meet a couple well-respected Florida breeders. The timing, however, did not work for them.

I had found a veterinarian in Naples whose website struck me as reputable and reliable. While there for Phoebe’s first progesterone test I was given Charlene’s name as she was one of their best customers. The rest is history and Phoebe (top photo-AKA Roughrider’s Winnett) and Prince (bottom photo- AKA Los Perritos An Heir About Him) are expecting eight wonderful puppies on April 15, 2010.

Two weeks into her pregnancy Phoebe stopped eating her usual food. I went through an entire pet store supply of different things to tempt her with. Her favorite??? Armour Vienna Sausages! Since then we have managed to find a much healthier option–Wellness for Puppies in the can.

We went to our Michigan vet Monday, April 5 for Phoebe’s x-ray.
Eight puppies!
Then we went for an ultrasound because she had a slight discharge.
Eight healthy heartbeats and a yawn!

Trust me–I’m not the one who was bored–it was one of the pups in utero.

To see Phoebe and Prince’s pedigree go to my website,

Today I started taking Phoebe’s temperature. At 8:20 AM it was 100.9. At 12:20 PM it was 99.4.

Stay tuned for more developments!