Luna’s Spring is in the Air Litter

Well 4 weeks have already passed since Luna whelped her final litter and I am just now getting photos and videos up. That’s how crazy life has been!!

Luna had been scheduled to have a C-section on April 14. She had a c-section for her October 17 litter. But with only 3 puppies showing on the ultra sound, I decided to try another natural whelp. On April 15 three beautiful girls arrived with nary a hitch! Here are photos of the pups early on…and I hope I don’t freak you out with the first one. I think it is awesome!


Puppy 3 whelped but still in her sac!

Luna and her puppies at 1 day old.

Puppy 1, hours old.

Puppy 3 just hours old.

Puppy 2, hours old.

Puppy #1 at 5 days.

Puppy #2 at 5 days.




A big yawn from Puppy #3 at 5 days.

This is Boo!

Boo was born Oct. 17. Because of her birthday’s proximity to Halloween, my grandson (pictured on the first page of this website from 9 years ago!) gave the puppies Halloween names.

Boo is 10 weeks old. She is looking for a forever home. She currently lives in southwest Florida.

Boo has a very outgoing disposition! Some would say she is feisty…even a bit bossy of her sister who is staying with me. But Boo is all love, is mad about giving kisses and enjoys playing fetch. A real people-puppy.

If you would like to learn more about Boo you can send me an email at If you would like to be considered as her forever family, please fill out the questionnaire on this website under the “Forms” section.

And if you would like to know more about Fozzie and Luna, Boo’s parents, go to the “About Us” section of this website.


Some Closeups!

This is Pumpkin. She is a red sable parti. Middle of the pack in size.

Up until now, with the exception of my first set of photos, I have taken videos.


Because getting these little ones to stay still is near impossible.

It took 60+ shots to get these 12.

Fun, but frustrating. Life could be worse, right?

Love this litter.


This is Autumn. She has held her spot as the smallest pup in the litter.

Autumn, paws up!

This is Boo. Love her pirate patch!

Boo playing with the rattle toy.

Nutmeg is the color of, well, nutmeg! A little red but mostly sable and black with white markings.

Nutmeg looking me right in the eye, which she does often!! Love that.

Pumpkin asking to be picked up!

This is Shadow, one of our boys. Loves his rattle toy!

Shadow again. Both boys are mid sized. Shadow is slightly bigger.

This is Spooky, our other boy. Smallest of the two but still bigger than Autumn.

Spooky and the toy!