Puppies Meet the Kids

What is the best way to raise puppies who greet strangers with kisses and wagging tails? 

1. Pick a breed known to enjoy the company of humans (like the Havanese).

2. Socialize, socialize, socialize.

Guess what we did Saturday?

Liam is very gentle with Sammy

 Luke and Filer with Mom Lesley

Bill, Liam and Filer

Bill, Liam and a patio of puppies

El and Luke
with the Puppies   
Puppies everywhere!!!

Time Flies Faster

…when the puppies are on their own. Phoebe has been a great mother but I have been working diligently at weaning the puppies. They enjoy their Wellness Puppy Kibble now, soaked overnight in water and served up with some goat’s milk. MMmmmmmm.

This also means Phoebe is finished with clean up so my workload has significantly increased. If I could get right to it rather than playing with them each time I lean over their pen I could get back to my day job. Wait! This IS my day job. Love it!

 Finally got some photos. They weren’t what I’d hoped for but I will try again next Friday and work with them on their ‘stand’ command which right now goes in one ear and out the other! Enjoy.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee’s Profile


Filer’s Profile–
He has more color on his other side.


GoGo’s Profile


Katie’s Profile
A very sweet girl.


Maxie’s profile


Gotta love his attitude!
He was really into this photo thing.


Sammy’s Profile
He was so not into standing!


Turbo is the big boy–but very polite!

It’s A Tough Job But….

Thought I’d share a few photos. Puppies are learning to pee on the piddle pad. Not too difficult. I just put it in the corner of their box where they already relieve themselves. Hopefully they will get the picture and continue to use the pad when they are in their x-pen.

They are still sleeping most of the day but when they are awake they are playing with their litter mates. It is so cute to see them challenging each other with their play growls then tipping over sideways before converting the growl into play bites. They always sleep in a huge pile which I find endearing and Phoebe is still quite protective of them when the big girls come around.

Puppy Breath has to be the best!   Or, maybe it’s Puppy Kisses!

Puppies sleeping after a busy morning nursing and socializing.We call this pose the Buddha Belly.

Meora meets a puppy and Phoebe gets a well deserved hug.

From Birmingham MI to Naples FL–A Match Meant To Be

It was with no small amount of luck that I met Charlene Edwards of CSTA Havanese the beginning of February–with Phoebe three days into her heat cycle. Knowing this would likely happen when I was wintering in Florida (but not quite so soon after I arrived) I had arranged to meet a couple well-respected Florida breeders. The timing, however, did not work for them.

I had found a veterinarian in Naples whose website struck me as reputable and reliable. While there for Phoebe’s first progesterone test I was given Charlene’s name as she was one of their best customers. The rest is history and Phoebe (top photo-AKA Roughrider’s Winnett) and Prince (bottom photo- AKA Los Perritos An Heir About Him) are expecting eight wonderful puppies on April 15, 2010.

Two weeks into her pregnancy Phoebe stopped eating her usual food. I went through an entire pet store supply of different things to tempt her with. Her favorite??? Armour Vienna Sausages! Since then we have managed to find a much healthier option–Wellness for Puppies in the can.

We went to our Michigan vet Monday, April 5 for Phoebe’s x-ray.
Eight puppies!
Then we went for an ultrasound because she had a slight discharge.
Eight healthy heartbeats and a yawn!

Trust me–I’m not the one who was bored–it was one of the pups in utero.

To see Phoebe and Prince’s pedigree go to my website,

Today I started taking Phoebe’s temperature. At 8:20 AM it was 100.9. At 12:20 PM it was 99.4.

Stay tuned for more developments!