Havanese Puppy Photo Updates

Our little Havanese puppies are really playing together now. This is the beginning of their socialization…a very important phase and so much fun to watch. I hope I have the names straight, though! They are 4 weeks old now and about to start on real dog food. They all need pedicures and will be moving … [Read more…]

What A Beautiful World It Is!

Nearly all the puppies’ eyes are open now. A pretty translusent blue….like a Northern lake just after a spring rain. While they can’t distinguish much besides shadows at this point it must give them a whole new perspective and certainly more reason to explore their whelping box. They still spend all their time with Maxi. … [Read more…]

Nine days old!

Pups are gaining by leaps and bounds! Their noses are beginning to blacken and they are pretty mobile though they don’t quite get up on their wobbly legs yet. Here are some photos. No names yet and some are not the greatest pix but I’ll bring out my good camera for the next ones. I’m … [Read more…]

We Have Puppies

Maxi whelped a wonderful litter of 5 girls and 3 boys on Monday. We are all still very busy with changing linens, nursing, weighing puppies and feedings for mom but thought we’d post a few photos to get the ball rolling! Yesterday afternoon Yesterday morning Tuesday All nursing well! Hours old

Personality Testing is Complete!

My friend Stephanie helped me with the personality testing yesterday. The test is most successful if the puppies do not know the tester. It was so much fun for me to stand back in a secret corner and watch the pups interact with her. She has two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and loves dogs…so she … [Read more…]