Meet Rosie!

Breeders note: Rosie has gone to live with a Chicago family that already has two of our Havanese. I am so happy for them all!

This is Rosie! She is 10 weeks old and full of spunk and vinegar. I brought Rosie into my kennel with the hopes of showing this beautiful girl and then, after her health testing was completed and passed, breeding her. Rosie is actually out of a girl I bred, Lucy, who is my Luna’s littermate. Lucy lives with a breeder friend of mine. So I was very excited to meet her.

But Rosie has other ideas!!

She is going to be too small to be a great show girl. While I like my girls to be between 10 and 12 pounds, Rosie will likely mature at about 8-9 pounds. Beyond that she is healthy, loves to play with her room mates and do all the things 10 week old puppies do.

If you would like to learn more about Rosie, drop me a note at

Looking For A Warm, Loving Home

As a breeder I think the most difficult time is not when a family is upset with me because I don’t think my puppy is a good fit. It is not when one of my fur children get sick. It is not when I lose a puppy during the whelping process.

No, though all these moments are very, very difficult, the most painful time is when I have to place one of my adult dogs that have lived with me for 2,3 or 4 years…that have starred in the show ring…that have wrapped themselves around my heart…that have become an integral part of my family.

For the younger ones, it is often that some trait has revealed itself that is not good to breed to. A minor structure issue. A health issue that, while resolved, might not be the best to pass on to future generations. For the older ones it is most often that they have passed their breeding prime and it would be asking too much of their little bodies to continue.

Well bred and well cared for Havanese can live a very long time…15, 17 even 20 years.

And, sadly, once they have finished with the show ring and have finished making babies, they take a back seat in the pack. Not a bad seat, mind you. At least not my dogs. But I can no longer offer them the attention they deserve.

So if I can find the perfect family for them. The family that will love on them every day. That will daily take them for walks, play with their toys, maybe teach them new tricks (or not!), cuddle with them on the sofa…I make the decision that is right for them.

These wonderful dogs are fully health tested, are current on all their vaccines, are trained to use a pee pad or potty outdoors (tho they may not be trained to indicate these needs). They will have been neutered. They are usually beyond the time when puppy-ness is part of their play…chewing, nipping, etc. They are trained to walk on a leash and enjoy the company of other people and dogs. And, most of the surprises that are inherent in adopting a new puppy have already been discovered. Their temperaments. Their likes, dislikes, good habits, bad habits, health issues, etc. So I can place them with a family knowing it will be as perfect a fit as I can arrange. 

These dogs will make wonderful companions for their new families! As for price, these dogs are the same price as my puppies but come with all the aforementioned advantages!

I will probably have two such dogs to place this fall…both black and white females. If you think you might be interested in being considered for one of them please contact me. I will ask you to fill out the questionnaire on the ‘form’ section of this website.

Puppy Culture Enrichment Effect

Puppy Culture recommends adding a different toy, object, obstacle etc. to the puppy pen every day. Puppies That are stimulated in this way. Here is what they say, ”

“Puppies raised with lots of stimulation actually grow more brain than puppies raised in a boring environment. They demonstrate increased learning development. This is called the enrichment effect.

Also add the litter box filled with pine pellets. Negotiating the litter box builds muscles.”

They really love this new toy I got. So many nooks, crannies, obstacles and objects!

I hope you can download this video: 

Or, here is the You-tube version!


Hippity and Peeps can even navigate the slide!

And I introduced them to my little electric vacuum. Did not pose any issue to Peter C. or Daffodil. Will try again soon with the others!

Picnic in the play set! Hoppity is squeezing thru one of the openings!

Getting Sooooo Big With Eyes Open Wide!

The Easter gang is doing great. Growing by leaps and hops! And their eyes are fully open.

Here are some photo updates from yesterday when they turned 2 weeks old:



10 Days Old! And now we have names!

Puppy #1, a boy. Now Peter Cottontail!

Puppy #4, boy. Now Jelly Bean

Puppy #2, girl. Now Daffodil!

Puppy #3, girl. Now Hoppity

Puppy #5, girl. Now Peeps

Luna’s puppies are 10 days old! Noses are changing from pink to black. They are nursing well and gaining like crazy!

I decided it was time to assign their Easter names.

Sorry the photos are so scattered. I am clearly not a website techy!



Puppy #6, girl. Now Hippity.