Maxis Havanese Puppies at 2 days old

The first few days are always nail biters. Puppies that appear healthy suddenly take a turn. Puppies that you are worried about either fail to improve or surprise you with spurts of energy. I am happy to report today that all is well. Everyone has gained at least 2 grams from yesterday when their weights were basically in a holding pattern or dropped slightly.

Since it is difficult to get individual shots just now, I thought you’d enjoy a video. Listen carefully for their little squeaks and grunts!

Catching up With Hermoine

We are back in Florida now and I had the lovely opportunity to catch up with Hermoine, who is now Meisha, and her parents Linda and Steve. I am happy to report they are one very happy family. We had a nice chat that covered everything from grooming tips to food to socializing and “obedience” training. Nothing serious, mind you!

Anyway here are some pix from our visit.

This is one of my favorite parts of breeding. Nothing better than seeing the little ones you were responsible for bringing into this world and knowing they have found the very best family!

Moving On

Maxi’s puppies are moving on to their new families. I am so delighted with all the loving and nurturing homes that these kids are going to. And, all over the country! Florida, New York, California, Virginia and Michigan.

Seamus is the only one left and, in the meantime, he is getting very spoiled by his older playmates.

Emily and Seamus having a moment.

Seamus with Lily and Emily. Seamus fits right in!

The furkids.
Harry and Mary Ann
Harry’s new digs. I think he’s quite comfortable! By the way, his forever name is Handsome Harry!

A parting shot of my little Hermione…but we plan to have regular reunions in Florida!
Hermione’s new family. What a spoiled girl she will be. Her new name is Meisha (gift from god) Lucia (born at daylight…a family nickname I’m told!)

Lily loves Emily. Seamus just hanging! By the way, his family is keeping his name.

Seamus with Marli and Willow

A Havanese Huddle!

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Here are Maxi’s pups front and center! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Maxi is such a good mom. Puppies are all gaining nicely.

When I weigh them, I take a few minutes to stroke their tummies and nuzzle their little faces so they can get accustomed to people smells and touches.

At this stage they are both blind and deaf. But their senses of smell and touch are extremely keen. That is how they find their way to the milk station!

 Enjoy this morning’s video on YouTube. If you double click on the video it will enlarge to your entire computer screen. The background whining is from my puppy boy Potter who is so done with all the attention being diverted from him!

The Results Are In!

My friend Linda assisted me in assessing the temperaments/ personalities of Marli’s puppies and they are closer in most respects than I thought. All three have socialized nicely. It helps to have them exposed to lots of dogs at various ages as well as lots of different people and children.

Dillon went first. Over the past several weeks she has gone from being the “leader of the pack” to one that kind of held back and now to a wonderfully adjusted, yet lower keyed, than the other two.

She scored three 2’s, three 3’s and a 4 on the sound sensitivity. In other words, she is a confident and outgoing puppy that will respond well to human companionship but might require a more consistent hand in training.

Delilah was next. She scored four 3’s and three 4’s, making her slightly more social but not enough to make much of a difference. She also has displayed a more outgoing character than Dillon, but again, not anything close to what I would call wild.

Daffodil was kind of all over the map, scoring two 3’s, two 4’s, a 2 for Following, a 6 for Dominance, and a 1 for Sight Sensitivity. Of the three she is definitely the most energetic and outgoing. So, while she will make a fine pet she might not be the snuggle bug some are looking for.

So, none of the pups display overly excited behaviors. They play well and seem to take turns being “boss.”

If you’d like to read more about the Volhard Test, go to the February 19, 2014 posts.

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