How Time Flies

Well Marli’s pups are old enough to leave tomorrow. Lucky me, I am holding on to the red sable girl for a while to see if she develops into a nice show puppy. And, the sable Patti boy (now Tiller) will be with me until May 29 when her Mama comes to take her back … [Read more…]

Puppies Galore!

So busy…so much fun!!! Love this! Marli’s girl, Red Sable puppy Marli’s Black and Tan girl Marli’s Sable Parti boy Lily’s pups.  Left to right, Sable Parti girl, the tiny girl and the tawny boy. These three are so close in color I have their tails painted with a dab of nail polish.   So, we … [Read more…]

The Local Puppy Report

All our puppies are growing by leaps and bounds. We’re not too busy yet….comparatively speaking (LOL) as mom does the yeomen’s share of the work. So I just get to sit and admire…and play with the older puppies, two of whom leave me today so I will just have little Gumbo left to home. He … [Read more…]